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"Obsidian Ashtray" - Dragon

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Ashtray for 4 cigars in Obsidian from Mount Ararat. This exceptional stone was born in the fire of the volcano 4 million years ago.

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"Obsidian Ashtray" - Dragon
"Obsidian Ashtray" - Dragon Sale price2.301,00 €


The obsidian of Mount Ararat was formed 4 million years ago during the natural vitrification of lava flows loaded with silica.

Dark and transparent, it is highly sought after for its designs formed by the sediments which make each stone a unique object. Stripes, oxidation, perlite points give it a real personality.

Far from pure and uniform synthetic materials, it is an invitation to travel and introspection.

A true natural mirror, after having been used by prehistoric men to make bifaces, by the Egyptians during antiquity then by pre-Columbian populations as a divinatory stone, it has marked the evolution of man with a notable return in the Art Nouveau.

Today very appreciated by lithotherapy enthusiasts, for its protective qualities, it has also become one of the materials most sought after by luxury brands.

The Workshop

At the gates of Paris, the factory brings together the best craftsmen, often from the “Boulle” school, and uses the finest materials to produce excellent products. Marquetry work requires the use of different species of precious wood cut into delicate shapes, assembled and glued to create a multitude of patterns. Mother-of-pearl, straw and gold inlays are also used as real pieces of goldsmithery.

These processes require a lot of know-how and precision. These secrets have always been well protected by very specialized but above all passionate workers.