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Cigar Cuts: A Definitive Guide for Luxury Lovers

When it comes to tasting an exceptional cigar, the ritual begins well before inhaling the first fragrant swirls. Even before embracing the exquisite flavors that will be revealed, opening the cigar represents a crucial moment that requires as much care as it does know-how. This is where the refined art of the cigar cutter comes in, an essential accessory for any true connoisseur. Let's explore together the different cutting techniques, each offering a unique experience and an opportunity to celebrate the elegance of the gesture.

The Straight Cut: The Timeless Classic

Among the best-known options, the straight cut remains a must. This technique involves cleanly cutting the end of the cigar using a single or double guillotine blade cigar cutter . The result ? A clean and precise opening, perfect for releasing aromas and allowing optimal combustion.

Guillotine Cigar Cutters

These elegant instruments, generally made of precious metal or noble wood, feature a sharp blade capable of cutting with a quick and confident movement. Whether a single or double blade model, the guillotine cigar cutter offers an experience that is both aesthetic and functional, making each cut a true ritual.

A Gesture of Watchmaking Precision

For an impeccable cut, it is essential to master the technique. Hold the cigar with a firm hand, position it perpendicular to the blade, and in one smooth motion, cut the end. A slight rotation of the cigar may be necessary to ensure a perfectly even cut.

Cigar Scissors

If guillotine cigar cutters seduce with their elegance, cigar scissors shine with their versatility. Thanks to their specific design, these scissors can adapt to all sizes of cigars, providing unobstructed vision when cutting. In addition, their maneuverability makes them an ideal choice for amateurs.

cigar cutter scissors

The V-Cut: The Art of Precision

For true cigar lovers, the V-cut represents a challenge of precision and dexterity. This technique involves creating a V-shaped opening at the end of the cigar, allowing for slow burning and optimal flavor release.

The V-shaped Cigar Cutter: An Exceptional Instrument

Designed specifically for this unique cut, the V-shaped cigar cutter is distinguished by its tapered blade and its characteristic shape. Its use requires particular attention, each gesture having to be measured to obtain a perfect opening.

An Essential Mastery

The success of a V cut lies in the precision of the gesture. You should position the cigar carefully, then begin a cut at an angle, making sure to maintain a constant angle. A second cut will transform the V cut into the X cut that some smokers swear by.

An Incomparable Sensory Experience

Beyond the technical aspect, the V-cut offers a real sensory experience. By gradually releasing the aromas, it allows you to fully savor the subtle nuances of the cigar, thus revealing all the complexity of its blend.

The Puncher or Cookie Cutter: The Discreet Opening

If the previous cuts emphasized the aesthetics of the gesture, the puncher, for its part, stands out for its discretion. This technique involves drilling a hole in the center of the end of the cigar, providing a minimal but sufficient opening for optimal combustion.

A Compact and Practical Accessory

The puncher comes in the form of a small instrument with a circular blade. Compact and easy to carry, it fits easily into a pocket or case, becoming the ideal companion for cigar lovers on the go.

A Subtle but Effective Opening

Despite its apparent discretion, the punch offers a unique tasting experience. By drilling a minimal opening, it preserves the integrity of the cigar, allowing for a slow burn and gradual release of flavors.

“Special Modules”: The Art of Singularity

Some special cigars require special attention to cut:

Beyond the classic modules, some cigar lovers opt for more daring shapes, true works of art in their own right. These figured shapes, such as the piramides, the bélicoso or the perfecto, offer a unique visual and taste experience.

The Piramides: Tapered Elegance

With its tapered shape ending in a point, the piramides gives the cigar an appearance that is both elegant and unique. This particular form allows for slow combustion and a gradual release of aromas, thus providing a prolonged tasting experience.

A Technical Challenge

Carrying out a pyramid cut requires great technical mastery. It is necessary to use a specific cigar cutter, capable of cutting the desired shape with precision. Once mastered, this cut becomes an art, celebrating both true craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Le Bélicoso: Rounded Grace

Cousin of the piramides, the bélicoso is distinguished by its rounded and slightly truncated shape. This cut offers a unique tasting experience, allowing for a slow combustion and harmonious release of flavors.

A Bold Choice

Opting for a bélicoso cigar is a bold choice, demonstrating a strong taste for originality. This unique shape inevitably attracts attention, making each tasting a real event.

The Perfecto: The Harmony of Curves

A true technical feat, the perfecto is distinguished by its slender shape and tapered ends. This unique shape offers an exceptional tasting experience, where each puff reveals new nuances of flavors.

A Major Challenge

Making a perfecto requires great expertise on the part of the torcedor. Each gesture must be measured with precision to obtain this harmonious and balanced form. A real challenge that highlights the art and know-how of the best craftsmen.

Exotic Cuts: The Audacity of Refinement

Some cigar lovers are not content with traditional forms and are exploring more daring territories. Exotic vitolas such as the culebra or diadema offer a unique experience, combining tradition and innovation.

La Culebra: The Seductive Tangle

A true curiosity in the world of cigars, the culebra comes in the form of three panetelas woven together. This singular form, once more widespread, offers a unique tasting experience, where each cigar is tasted separately.

A Fascinating Ritual

Tasting a culebra turns into a real ritual. Delicately unraveling the three cigars, lighting them one after the other, and savoring their distinct flavors becomes a moment of pure celebration.

La Diadema: Majestic Opulence

Imposing and majestic, the diadema is distinguished by its generous size and tapered ends. This opulent form offers an extended tasting experience, where each puff reveals new nuances of flavors.

A Symbol of Prestige

Tasting a diadema is a true privilege reserved for the most discerning enthusiasts. This imposing shape symbolizes refinement and prestige, celebrating the art of the cigar in all its splendor.

The Colors of Capes: A Palette of Flavors

Beyond the shape, the color of the wrapper (or dress) of the cigar is of capital importance in the tasting experience. Each shade, from pale green to deep black, reflects a unique fermentation process and promises unique flavors.

The Double Claro: Verdant Freshness

With a pale green, almost candid hue, double claro is the result of rapid drying which preserves the chlorophyll of the tobacco. This color evokes freshness and lightness, promising a delicate and refined tasting experience.

Le Claro: Natural Sweetness

With its delicate beige color, claro embodies softness and subtlety. This color, often obtained by growing in the shade, allows the flavors of the mixture of tripe and undercoat to be fully expressed, offering a balanced and harmonious tasting experience.

Colorado: The Perfect Balance

At the heart of the palette is Colorado, an alluring reddish-brown hue. This color, often the result of growing in full sun, promises rich and complex flavors, where the notes of the wrapper, the filler and the base blend subtly.

Maduro: Deep Intensity

Deep brown, almost black, maduro evokes intensity and maturity. This color, obtained through prolonged fermentation, offers robust and almost sweet flavors, making each puff a true celebration of the senses.

L'Oscuro: Ultimate Audacity

A rare and bold color, the oscuro is distinguished by its inky black color. This shade, the result of extreme fermentation, promises intense and complex flavors, challenging the most seasoned palates.

Essential Accessories: Celebrating the Ritual

Beyond shapes and colors, the cigar ritual is accompanied by essential accessories, true objects of desire for the most demanding enthusiasts. From cigar cutters to lighters, each piece celebrates the art of tasting with elegance and refinement.

Exceptional Cigar Cutters

Whether it's a guillotine cigar cutter made of precious metal or a V-shaped model with horological precision, these instruments are much more than just tools. They embody the attention to detail that characterizes the most passionate cigar lovers.

Unique Pieces

Some cigar cutters stand out for their unique character, the result of exceptional workmanship. Rare materials, such as precious wood or mother-of-pearl, are expertly worked to create pieces of incomparable beauty.

Prestige Cigar Lighters

Lighting a cigar is not a trivial gesture, but a ritual in its own right. This is why prestige lighters, whether flame or refillable, are designed with the greatest care to offer an experience worthy of the greatest cigars.

Perfect Flames

The quality of the flame is essential to fully reveal the flavors of a cigar. Luxury lighters offer constant and adjustable flames, allowing optimal combustion and uncompromising tasting.

Tasting Places: Sanctuaries of Refinement

Finally, to crown this unique experience, the most demanding cigar lovers turn to exceptional tasting places. From private lounges to exclusive terraces, these sanctuaries of refinement offer an idyllic setting to savor each puff with serenity.

Private Lounges: Luxurious Intimacy

True havens of peace, the private lounges offer an intimate and luxurious environment for the most discreet cigar lovers. Leather armchairs, refined decor and attentive service create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and tasting.

A Cocoon of Quietude

Far from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, these private rooms allow you to devote yourself entirely to the cigar ritual. Each puff becomes a moment of pure tranquility, where only the subtle flavors count.

Exclusive Terraces: Open-Air Elegance

For cigar lovers who enjoy the great outdoors, the exclusive terraces offer an idyllic setting. Overlooking breathtaking views, these oases of tranquility combine elegance and serenity, creating an unforgettable tasting experience.

Perfect Harmony

Whether admiring a sunset or contemplating the lights of a sparkling city, these exclusive terraces offer a natural setting in perfect harmony with the cigar ritual. Each puff becomes a moment of pure poetry.


At the end of this journey through the different cuts of cigars, a truth emerges: tasting an exceptional cigar is much more than a simple sensory pleasure. It is a celebration of refinement, art and know-how, where every gesture, every color and every accessory contributes to creating a unique and unforgettable experience. For true luxury lovers, the cigar is not only an object of pleasure, but a true art of living, a hymn to the senses and elegance.

Elie Bleu's cigar cutters perfectly illustrate this quest for perfection. Made with the highest quality materials, such as hardened surgical steel and sturdy steel bodies, each cigar cutter from the brand is designed to deliver unparalleled precision and exceptional durability. Elie Bleu's craftsmen have mastered the art of creating instruments that are as aesthetic as they are functional, guaranteeing a perfect cut every time they are used.

Whether with a straight cut or the use of cigar scissors, Elie Bleu cigar cutters ensure a clean and precise opening, releasing the exquisite aromas of the cigar for optimal combustion. Each model, whether guillotine or double blade, is designed to meet the expectations of the most demanding connoisseurs.