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How to properly maintain your Elie Bleu products?

Each Elie Bleu box is a unique piece, handcrafted by our craftsmen, each species used has its own specificities, which gives the boxes their singularities.

Also note that wood is a living material, our precious woods therefore require special attention.


  1. Remove Humidifiers from Case
  2. Open the grill by sliding the buttons
  3. Fill Humidifiers with demineralized water
  4. Place the Humidifiers upside down until the excess water has drained completely.
  5. Once they are drained, place them in the open position in the Box
  6. Close the Box, leave to act for 3 to 4 days
  7. Proceed a second time with the previous 6 points

Your box is now ready for use.


  1. Press with thumb and pull with index finger
  2. Place the new Hygrometer by simply pushing it
  3. The Hygrometer of your Box is replaced


  1. Keep away from any heat source
  2. Clean the varnished surface with a cloth dampened with alcohol diluted with water or window cleaner
  3. Never moisten the walls of the box with a sponge or cloth.