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ELIE BLEU, Committed company

Since 2019 Elie Bleu has been committed to taking action and fighting against global warming. We seek to reduce our CO2 emissions by acting on all facets of our businesses. We also offset our emissions by planting a tree for each Elie Bleu product sold. Our forests are planted by NAUDET nurseries which has been supporting Elie Bleu since 2019.

The effects of reforestation?

1- Protective role

Reforestation provides multiple protective functions:

  • Mildening of the local climate
  • Water regularization and purification
  • Protection of soils against erosion due to water or wind
  • Consolidation of banks and embankments
  • Building protection

2- Landscape assets

Isolated, in bouquets, or in alignment, trees are part of the landscape:

  • They integrate homes into the landscape and hide certain installations
  • They brighten up the landscape thanks to their flowering, their seasonal colors and the many varied species they shelter.

3- Production role

  • Wood production

A renewable raw material, yet in short supply in many countries, wood has essential economic and social importance. Wood can be used for the production of lumber (carpentry, sawing), utility wood (poles, stakes, poles), or industrial wood (crushing, papermaking), and firewood.

  • Associated productions

In addition to wood, afforestation also provides numerous associated products: fruits (apple, pear, cherry, chestnut, hazelnut, olive, walnut, etc.), mushrooms, snails, medicinal plants, honey, etc.

4- Improvement of biodiversity

Trees and groves contribute to the balance between plant and animal species and constitute valuable biological reserves.

They can promote the farmer's natural auxiliaries (ladybugs that destroy aphids, pollinating insects) and the micro-organisms responsible for soil fertility.

5- Improvement of agricultural production

Agricultural yields and the quality of grassland or crops are improved under the shelter of certain forest edges and windbreaks. Furthermore, afforestation and windbreak hedges act on three levels on animals: state of health, direct and indirect protection of livestock.

6- Social impacts

The tree outside the forest offers aesthetic advantages in regions of large crops where the monotony is broken by their shapes and colors.

The calm and relaxation of wooded rural environments give them a social and cultural role to promote: fruit and mushroom picking, green tourism, sporting activities.


Commitment to Sustainability: Our Green Electricity Choice

At Elie Bleu we believe in the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility. This is why we have deliberately opted to use green electricity to power our operations. Here are some of the reasons behind our commitment:

  1. Environmental preservation: We are aware of the challenges posed by climate change and the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on our planet. By using green electricity, we reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to preserving the environment for future generations.
  2. Promoting Sustainability: By adopting sustainable practices such as using green electricity, we show our commitment to sustainability and encourage other businesses to follow our lead. We firmly believe that every action counts in building a more environmentally friendly future.
  3. Quality and Excellence: Just as we strive to offer luxury products of exceptional quality, we also strive for excellence in our business practices. Using green electricity is one aspect of our commitment to excellence, demonstrating our attention to detail and innovation at every level of our business.
  4. Meeting customer expectations: We understand that our customers are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues and are looking for brands that share their values. By using green electricity, we meet these expectations and strengthen our relationship with our customers as a socially responsible company.

We are proud of our commitment to sustainability and will continue to explore new ways to innovate and advance in this area. Thank you for supporting our vision of a more sustainable future.