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“When you look for excellence, you find Elie Bleu.”

“Among our clients, we have many powerful people in this world,” explains Laurent Fuchs, managing director of Elie Bleu, with a smile. When Nicolas Sarkozy went to Brazil to meet President Lula, what did he take as a gift? An Elie Bleu cigar box. The same goes for Pope Benedict XVI who received Pascal's “Les Pensées” from the Elysée in a small Elie Bleu box. Michelle Obama has an Elie Bleu honey box from Versailles offered by L 'Oreal.'


Elie Bleu is to tabletmaking - a subtle art at the intersection between turner, marquetry maker and cabinetmaker - what Hermès is to leather goods. Pure luxury. In the game of name dropping, it's a sweet dizziness. Who knows that lucky Falcon owners are offered an Elie Bleu cigar box upon receipt of their plane in the same type of wood as the interior of their aircraft? Or that certain tailor-made orders serve as a setting for diplomatic gifts from the Elysée?..."