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The Timeless Elegance of Elie Bleu Luxury Ashtrays

Elie Bleu, synonymous with luxury and artisanal know-how, offers a collection of luxury ashtrays for cigars that stand out for their beauty and exceptional quality. Focused on two main materials, Limoges porcelain and obsidian , this range embodies the very essence of refinement. Let's dive into the world of Elie Bleu ashtrays to discover what makes them so unique.

Limoges Porcelain Ashtrays: Finesse and Delicacy

Limoges porcelain, famous for its finesse and robustness, has been used for centuries to create objects of dazzling beauty. Recognized worldwide as one of the best porcelains, it is a symbol of luxury and refinement.

  1. The History of Limoges Porcelain

    • Limoges porcelain is made from kaolin, a type of fine clay discovered near Limoges in the 18th century. It quickly became a popular material for creating pieces of art and luxury objects. Its pure white, translucency and durability make it an ideal choice for Elie Bleu ashtrays.

  1. Porcelain Ashtray Collection with Dragon Pattern

    • This model is a perfect example of the classic elegance of Limoges porcelain. Adorned with intricately hand-painted dragon designs, it adds a touch of mysticism and power to any interior. Bright colors and glossy finishes make each ashtray a true work of art. The dragon, symbol of strength and protection in Chinese culture, gives this ashtray a historical and cultural dimension.

Obsidian Ashtrays: Mystical Luxury

Obsidian, a shiny black volcanic rock, is another key material used by Elie Bleu. Known for its unique properties and deep luster, obsidian has been used since ancient times to create luxury items and sacred artifacts.

  1. The History of Obsidian

    • Obsidian is formed when volcanic lava cools rapidly, creating a glassy rock with mysterious reflections. Used for millennia by various civilizations, obsidian was prized for its sharp qualities and mesmerizing appearance. The ancient Egyptians, for example, used it to make ritual and decorative objects.

  1. Gun-shaped Obsidian Ashtray

    • This model perfectly embodies the captivating beauty of obsidian. Sculpted in the shape of a revolver , it combines originality and sophistication. This gun-shaped ashtray is not only a functional object but also a conversation piece, attracting attention with its bold design and mystical sparkle. Each obsidian ashtray is a unique piece, with reflections that captivate and intrigue.

A Unique Sensory Experience

Using an Elie Bleu luxury ashtray is a sensory experience in its own right. The quality of the materials, the finesse of the finishes and the elegance of the design create an object that not only delights the sight but also the touch. Each cigar ashtray is designed to be as pleasant to use as it is to look at, transforming every moment of relaxation into an experience of pure pleasure.


Elie Bleu luxury ashtrays are much more than simple cigar accessories . They embody luxury , elegance and French artisanal know-how. Whether you are attracted by the delicacy of Limoges porcelain decorated with dragons or by the mystical brilliance of obsidian sculpted in the shape of a revolver, each Elie Bleu ashtray is a unique work of art , designed to enrich your interior and sublimate your moments of relaxation. Discover our collection and let yourself be seduced by the timeless perfection of our creations.