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"Eagle" - 110 & 250 Cigars

Limited and numbered edition

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The eagle or bald eagle is a species of bird of prey that lives in North America. This raptor was a sacred bird in several North American cultures who used its feathers for headdresses and religious costumes. The eagle is the national bird of the United States. It is one of the country's best-known symbols and appears on most official seals, including that of the U.S. President. Size 110 is limited and numbered from 1 to 200.
Size 250 is limited and numbered from 1 to 100.

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Made in France

"Aigle" - 110 & 250 Cigares - Elie Bleu
"Eagle" - 110 & 250 Cigars Sale price5.274,00 €


ELIE BLEU has strived for decades to put all its creativity at the service of its productions, whose tradition is faithfully guaranteed.

ELIE BLEU has always been able to maintain the quality of its production at an exceptional level, the result of true know-how. In particular acquired by selecting among the most beautiful precious woods and the rarest exotic species that only a few still work. Marquetry which is worked by hand, as jewelers do, which requires countless manipulations before becoming a true luxury object.

The Workshop

At the gates of Paris, the factory brings together the best craftsmen, often from the “Boulle” school, and uses the finest materials to produce excellent products. Marquetry work requires the use of different species of precious wood cut into delicate shapes, assembled and glued to create a multitude of patterns. Mother-of-pearl, straw and gold inlays are also used as real pieces of goldsmithery.

These processes require a lot of know-how and precision. These secrets have always been well protected by very specialized, but above all passionate, workers.