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"Casa Cubana" - Blue One to One Ashtray

Casa Cubana Collection - Limited and numbered edition from 1 to 199 pieces

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Ashtray from the Casa Cubana collection for 2 cigars resting on 6 pads and 6 very small contacts. This ashtray allows good combustion of the cigar without it heating up thanks to the circulation of air around it and limited contact.

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"Casa Cubana" - Blue One to One Ashtray
"Casa Cubana" - Blue One to One Ashtray Sale price1.232,00 €

Casa Cubana

Our Casa Cubana collection is an invitation to travel.
Featuring iconic Cuban architecture, each box completes this true miniature reproduction of Havana. A jewel of Spanish colonial architecture, Havana took off architecturally in the 17th century with aristocratic families settling in the Caribbean, then at the end of the 19th century with the Cuban families who founded the first cigar factories.

Its architecture has remained preserved from the ravages of modernism and the buildings, with their colors faded by time, are all testimonies to the splendor of the Spanish imprint.


ELIE BLEU has strived for decades to put all its creativity at the service of its productions, whose tradition is faithfully guaranteed. ELIE BLEU has always been able to maintain the quality of its production at an exceptional level, the result of true know-how. In particular acquired by selecting among the most beautiful precious woods and the rarest exotic species that only a few still work. Marquetry which is worked by hand, as jewelers do, which requires countless manipulations before becoming a true luxury object.