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"Casa Cubana" - Blue One to One Ashtray

Casa Cubana Collection - Limited and numbered edition from 1 to 199 pieces

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Ashtray from the Casa Cubana collection for 2 cigars resting on 6 pads and 6 very small contacts. This ashtray allows good combustion of the cigar without it heating up thanks to the circulation of air around it and limited contact.

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"Casa Cubana" - Blue One to One Ashtray Sale price1.232,00 €

Blue cigar ashtray

The Blue Tête-à-Tête Ashtray “Casa Cubana”is a marvel of sophistication and design, intended for cigar lovers demanding. Part of a limited edition of only 199 numbered copies, this ashtray stands out for its unique look and exceptional functionality.

Features :

  • Limited edition :Limited to 199 copies, each ashtray is individually numbered, ensuring its exclusivity and making each piece a true rarity for collectors.
  • Intelligent Design:This ashtray is designed to accommodate two cigars, resting on six pads, thus reducing contact points. This ingenious arrangement allows optimal air circulation, guaranteeing regular combustion without overheating.
  • Unique Pattern:Featuring a typical Havana car motif in marquetry, this ashtray evokes a nostalgic and exotic atmosphere without being redundant. The pattern subtly recalls the Cuban spirit with a distinctive artistic touch.
  • Metal Transfer:Metal details add a touch of modernity and luxury, complementing the refined design and enhancing the elegance of the whole.
  • Elegant Blue Color: The blue edition of the “Casa Cubana” ashtray stands out for its deep and soothing hue, giving each room a look that is both serene and sophisticated. This unique color adds a dimension of freshness and distinction, making this ashtray a central element of any refined collection.

A Perfect Smoking Experience

The Blue Tête-à-Tête Ashtray “Casa Cubana”is designed to provide an unparalleled smoking experience. The six bases on which the cigars rest ensure ideal ventilation, allowing regular combustion without excessive heat accumulation. This ingenious design preserves the aromas and cigar flavors, guaranteeing optimal tasting.

Aesthetics and Distinction

The integration of the Havana car marquetry and metal transfers create a unique visual harmony, combining tradition and modernity. There color blue, in particular, brings a note of freshness and serenity, standing out in the world of cigar accessories by its originality and elegance.


The Blue Tête-à-Tête Ashtray “Casa Cubana”is more than just a accessory; it is a collector's item, an object of art that enhances every moment of tasting your cigar. By choosing this blue cigar ashtray, you are investing in an exceptional piece, where every detail is carefully thought out to combine aesthetics and functionality. A truly celebration of luxury and artisanal know-how, ideal for the most demanding connoisseurs.