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"Casa Cubana" - Porcelain Ashtray - "The Cigar Smoker"

Limited and numbered edition of 88 copies

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Elie Bleu porcelain ashtrays are made in one of the oldest and most famous factories in Limoges. The manufacturing quality of the porcelain combined with the very colorful design of the collections make the ashtray line one of the brand's "best sellers".

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Made in France

"Casa Cubana" - Porcelain Ashtray - "The Cigar Smoker"
"Casa Cubana" - Porcelain Ashtray - "The Cigar Smoker" Sale price1.320,00 €

Limoges Porcelain Ashtray "The Cigar Smoker"

The Limoges porcelain ashtray, specially designed for cigar lovers, is a unique piece that combines traditional craftsmanship with bold design. Made and decorated in France, this ashtray is a symbol of French elegance and refinement.

Ashtray Features

Limoges porcelain: Made in one of the oldest and most prestigious factories in Limoges, this ashtray embodies the unrivaled quality and know-how of French porcelain.

“Casa Cubana” decor: Hand-painted by talented artists, the “Casa Cubana” decor evokes an exotic and vibrant ambiance, capturing the spirit and elegance of the cigar world.

Alcantara Wrapped Base: The base of the ashtray is covered in Alcantara, a luxurious material that offers a soft and sophisticated feel while protecting surfaces.

Made and Decorated in France: This ashtray is entirely manufactured and decorated in France, guaranteeing exceptional manufacturing quality and meticulous attention to detail.


THELimoges porcelain ashtray“Casa Cubana” is a celebration of the art of living and fine craftsmanship. Each piece is the fruit of ancestral know-how and boundless creativity, offering cigar lovers Aaccessory which transcends its utilitarian function to become a true collector's item. The “Casa Cubana” decor, applied by hand by artists, brings a touch of exoticism and dynamism to this ashtray, with colors and patterns that evoke cultural richness.

The Alcantara-wrapped base adds an extra dimension of luxury, combining aesthetics and functionality. This high-end material, appreciated for its soft texture and resistance, not only ensures a pleasant grip but also protects surfaces against scratches and damage.

Each ashtray is a unique work of art, testifying to Elie Bleu's commitment to excellence and refinement. The manufacturing and decoration entirely carried out in France guarantee a product of the highest quality.high quality, where every detail is carefully worked to provide a user experience exceptional.

An Exceptional Ashtray

The Limoges porcelain ashtray “Casa Cubana” is not just a functional accessory, but a real statement of style and taste. Its bold design and impeccable execution make it an ideal choice for those seeking both elegance and originality. Perfect for relaxing moments alone or to impress at receptions, this luxury ashtray transforms every moment of tasting into a memorable experience.

Distinguished Elegance

With the Limoges porcelain ashtray"Casa Cubana", you introduce into your space a room that embodies the spirit of French refinement. It is a tribute to exceptional craftsmanship and passion for beautiful and functional objects. This bold, one-of-a-kind ashtray is the perfect addition to any cigar lover wanting to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to its tasting ritual.