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"Flor de Alba" - Porcelain Ashtray

4 Colors

Sale price470,00 €


Elie Bleu porcelain ashtrays are made in one of the oldest and most famous factories in Limoges. The manufacturing quality of the porcelain combined with the very colorful design of the collections make the ashtray line one of the brand's best sellers.

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Made in France

"Flor de Alba" - Porcelain Ashtray Sale price470,00 €

French made ashtray

The Elie Bleu porcelain ashtrays are made in one of the oldest and most famous factories in Limoges. The manufacturing quality of the porcelain, combined with the very colorful design of the collections, makes the line of ashtrays one of the brand's best-sellers.


  • Exceptional Material: This ashtray is made of Limoges porcelain, renowned for its purity and finesse. The porcelain used guarantees unrivaled strength and durability, while providing a smooth and elegant surface.
  • “Alba” decor: The decoration is applied by chromolithography, a precise technique allowing the reproduction of complex and colorful patterns. The "Alba" pattern is delicately detailed, adding an artistic and refined touch to each ashtray.
  • Alcantara base: The base of the ashtray is covered in Alcantara, a soft and resistant material. This finish ensures perfect stability and protects surfaces from scratches, while adding an extra touch of luxury.
  • Ability: Designed to accommodate four cigars, this ashtray provides ample space for optimal combustion. Dedicated slots guarantee a pleasant and hassle-free smoking experience.
  • Variety of Colors: The "Flor de Alba" ashtray is available in several bright and elegant colors: red, black, blue, yellow and green. Each color brings a unique touch and can adapt to different styles and preferences.
  • French made: Entirely made in France, this ashtray demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship and respect for French traditions.

An Exquisite Collection

Elie Bleu, synonymous with excellence and sophistication, offers a vast collection of cigar ashtrays. Each piece is designed with meticulous attention to detail, using the highest quality materials. The ashtrays Elie Bleu are not only functional, but also works of art that beautify any living space. Whether for a personal collection or as a refined gift, the Elie Bleu ashtrays are perfect choices for cigar lovers demanding.

There collection of Elie Bleu ashtrays includes various styles and patterns, all made with the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The "Flor de Alba" model in Limoges porcelain is a perfect example of this tradition of excellence, combining elegant design and noble materials to create an incomparable smoking experience.


The French-made porcelain ashtray "Flor de Alba"is much more than a simple cigar accessory; it is a true work of art that combines tradition and modernity. By opting for this French-made ashtray, you are choosing the excellence and refinement. Whether in red, black, blue, yellow or green, each “Flor de Alba” ashtray enriches your collection and enhances every moment of tasting your cigar.