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Box of 110 “Havana” cigars by the artist Fabien Verschaere

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Fabien Verschaere shares with us his vision of Havana, straight from his imagination, drawing on the know-how of Elie Bleu's artisans. The boxes project his universe between humor, derision and childhood memories. These characters come from fairy tales where princesses, clowns, mermaids, castles, elves, star skulls and skeletons rub shoulders.

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Made in France

Fabien Verschaere

"We only execute our childhood dreams. Childhood is the laboratory of a life. Memory is defined because as children we constructed ourselves. My practice is linked to the naivety of the drawings of children because the message must be direct, unambiguous, retracing a journey starting from the beginning, rage and malice, believing in the most absurd things. This is what brings us back to reality and makes it more beautiful because, through childhood, the artist constructs a universe that makes you dream."


A graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 2000 and the Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts in Nantes in 2001, Fabien Verschaere has since made a sensational entry into the world of contemporary art by signing explosive exhibitions .

Fabien Verschaere likes to tell stories. We like listening to it. Be part of his world for a moment. Or the opposite. In a word, he is a phenomenon, a being with overflowing energy. No matter the medium, no matter the place, no matter the context. Fabien Verschaere succeeds every time. Surprise us while comforting us. His exhibitions are exquisite apocalypses imbued with delicious cruelties. Without complexes, his art reveals his anxieties and fantasies to us, through works combining demonic and magical symbolic representations.