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"Epicure" - Games cabinet

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The Epicure is an invitation to a dreamlike journey and pleasure.
Born from a collaboration between the know-how of Elie Bleu and the mastery of Hugo Grandcolas, a young designer cabinetmaker of the house, Epicure is a masterpiece opening the way to the infinite enjoyments offered by the world of board games.

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"Epicure" - Games cabinet
"Epicure" - Games cabinet Sale price88.000,00 €


The design of this cabinet makes possible unlimited modularity of its appearance according to your desires. Its axis of rotation allows it to evolve in its decorations, but also in its form. One day, it adopts a rigorous form, the next day, it deconstructs to offer a new atmosphere in its environment.
Its marquetry exterior is a subtle blend of exotic and stained woods, inlaid with mother-of-pearl moons. It represents different natural environments monitored by the moon, all overlooked by constellations observable in the four corners of the world.
The interior is a luminous setting in natural sycamore, highlighted with the deep blue found in the starry sky. It contains numerous accessories, essential to the pleasures of cigar aficionados.
From the exclusive cigar humidor to the lead-free crystal carafe and the lunar cigar cutter, everything has been designed to make each moment unique and perfect. Above all, Epicure is a firm dedicated to pleasure and entertainment. It contains traditional games in the form of marquetry boards.

The Workshop

At the gates of Paris, the factory brings together the best craftsmen, often from the “Boulle” school, and uses the finest materials to produce excellent products. Marquetry work requires the use of different species of precious wood cut into delicate shapes, assembled and glued to create a multitude of patterns. Mother-of-pearl, straw and gold inlays are also used as real pieces of goldsmithery.

These processes require a lot of know-how and precision. These secrets have always been well protected by very specialized but above all passionate workers.