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Pair of "Bridge" for Porcelain Ashtray for 2 cigars

Sale price123,00 €


Pair of metal "Bridges" to hold cigars in the horizontal position.

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Pair of "Bridge" for Porcelain Ashtray for 2 cigars Sale price123,00 €

Metal Bridge for Cigars

The cigar stands Elie Bleu embody elegance and practicality, designed to hold your cigars in a perfect horizontal position. These metal "Bridges", available in gold and silver versions, are essential accessories for everything cigar lover wishing to preserve their integrity and enjoy a moment of tasting without compromise.

Features :

  • Material:Premium metal: Offering exceptional strength and durability, with a sleek, glossy finish
  • Design:Horizontal support: Pair of "Bridge" specially designed to hold cigars in a horizontal position, guaranteeing uniform and optimal combustion.
  • Finishes:Gold or silver: Two versions available, gold for a touch of luxury and elegance, silver for a modern and refined look.
  • Compatibility:Universal: Suitable for all types of cigars, from the thinnest to the thickest, offering great versatility of use.

An Alliance of Practicality and Luxury

These cigar stands are much more than simple accessories: they embody the art of living and elegance specific to the Elie Bleu brand. By maintaining the cigars in a perfect position, these "Bridges" ensure an unparalleled tasting experience, while adding a sophisticated aesthetic touch.

Decor and Aesthetics

The “Bridge” supports come in gold or silver metal, each bringing its own charm and elegance. Gold metal evokes wealth and prestige, while silver metal offers a modern and refined look. These refined finishes are designed to blend seamlessly into any decor, whether classic or contemporary.

Use and Maintenance

These cigar stands are designed to be both practical and easy to maintain. To keep them in perfect condition, simply wipe them with a soft cloth after each use. Their robustness guarantees a long lifespan, even with frequent use.


The pair of metal “Bridge” for cigars Elie Bleu is the ultimate accessory for any cigar lover. Combining functionality and aesthetics, these supports ensure perfect tasting while adding a touch of luxury at your accessory collections. Whether you opt for the gold or silver finish, you will appreciate the elegance and practicality of these supports.