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"Classic Wood" - Selfish Ashtray

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Ashtray for a single cigar resting on 6 pads, i.e. 6 very small contacts. This ashtray allows good combustion of the cigar without it heating up thanks to the circulation of air around it and limited contact.

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"Classic Wood" - Selfish Ashtray Sale price758,00 €

Wooden Cigar Ashtray

At Elie Bleu, each wooden ashtray for cigar is a work of art, the fruit of our ancestral know-how and our passion for luxury cabinet making. Designed for cigar lovers the most demanding, our ashtrays embody elegance and sophistication through exceptional materials and an impeccable finish.

Our woods used:

Our ashtrays are available in a selection of rare and precious woods, each bringing its unique touch of beauty and refinement:

Macassar Ebony: A deep black wood with dark, elegant veins, symbolizing luxury and timeless elegance.

Padouk: Known for its intense red hue and its durability, it brings a warm and exotic touch.

Walnut Burl: Known for its swirling patterns and unique texture, this wood is the epitome of sophistication.

Red Gum: With its distinct reddish color, it adds a vibrant and warm note to any interior.

Tamo: A rare Japanese wood with unique patterns that captivate the eye and add a touch of mystery.

Madrona Blue: An essence exclusive to Elie Bleu, tinted with blue for a resolutely modern and original look.

Bocote: A hard, dense wood with marked veins, symbolizing robustness and elegance.

Rosewood: With its deep shades and pronounced veins, it embodies luxury and exclusivity.

Bubinga: Known for its red-brown color and fine texture, this wood offers a touch of exoticism and sophistication.

Finishes of wooden ashtrays

Each ashtray is meticulously finished by hand in our workshops in Gennevilliers. Our artisans spend four to six months perfecting each piece, using traditional sanding, varnishing and polishing techniques to achieve a smooth, shiny surface. This demanding process guarantees not only impeccable aesthetics but also exceptional durability.

Characteristics of our wooden ashtrays

Elegant Design: Designed to fit harmoniously into any interior, our ashtrays add a touch of class to your space.

Functionality: With ergonomic shapes and perfect dimensions, they offer comfortable and practical use.

Exclusivity: Each cigar ashtray is unique, thanks to the nature of the veins and patterns of the wood used.

Own a wooden ashtray Elie Bleu means embracing a tradition of excellence and refinement. It is a tribute to French craftsmanship and an affirmation of taste and prestige for our ashtray collection. Each piece is an heirloom in itself, intended to be passed down from generation to generation