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"Royal Ebony" - Selfish Ashtray

Royal Ebony Collection

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Ashtray for a single cigar resting on 6 pads, i.e. 6 very small contacts. This ashtray allows good combustion of the cigar without it heating up thanks to the circulation of air around it and limited contact.

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cendrier ébène royal
"Royal Ebony" - Selfish Ashtray Sale price832,00 €

Royal ebony ashtray

This ashtray, specially designed for a single cigar and resting on six pedestals, constitutes a solution that is both elegant and practical for cigar lovers. Its ingenious design ensures combustion perfect cigar without overheating, thanks to optimal air circulation and reduced contact.

Product Features :

Brass bases and bowl: The brass elements, available in gold or silver finish, bring a touch of luxury and timeless sophistication.

Royal Ebony: Crafted from royal ebony, this ashtray showcases the exceptional beauty and durability of this precious wood, with its dark and light veins.

Ergonomic design: Designed for one cigar, resting on six pads, this ashtray guarantees perfect combustion without overheating.

Optimized air circulation: The arrangement of the pads allows ideal air circulation, preserving the aromas and quality of the cigar.

Description of the royal ebony ashtray:

The Royal Ebony ashtray- Selfish ashtray demonstrates Elie Bleu's commitment to innovation and supreme quality for their ashtray collection. This ashtray magnifies royal ebony, a drink prized for its contrasting veins and natural elegance. Designed for one cigar, it rests on six pads, guaranteeing minimal contact and perfect air circulation. This thoughtful architecture allows optimal combustion without overheating, thus preserving all the aromatic subtleties of the cigar.

The brass studs and bowl, available in gold or silver finishes, give this ashtray a luxurious character. The high quality brass ensures a refined aesthetic while offering great robustness, transforming this accessory into a durable and elegant object.

L'Ébène Royal - Elie Bleu Selfish Ashtray is much more than a simple functional accessory. It is a true piece of art, embodying the brand's exquisite craftsmanship and dedication to excellence. Ideal for individual moments of relaxation, this prestigious ashtray enriches every moment of tasting, offering an experience of incomparable refinement and sophistication for any demanding cigar lover.