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“Obsidian Ashtray” – 1 cigar

2 Colors

Sale price696,00 €


Ashtray for 1 cigar in Obsidian from Mount Ararat. This exceptional stone was born in the fire of the volcano 4 million years ago.

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Cendrier-en- Obsidienne
“Obsidian Ashtray” – 1 cigar Sale price696,00 €

Obsidian Ashtray

The Obsidian Ashtray is a unique piece, carved from obsidian from the Mount Ararat. This exceptional stone, formed 4 million years ago in the fires of a volcano, gives this ashtray timeless beauty and a fascinating history.

Product Features

Obsidian from Mount Ararat: This ashtray is carved from a single block of obsidian, a precious stone born from volcanic magma, famous for its shine and depth of color.

Handmade: Each ashtray is meticulously cut and polished by hand by expert craftsmen, guaranteeing an impeccable and unique finish.

Color Variants: Available in black or in brown, each piece reveals the natural nuances and distinctive veins of the obsidian.


The Obsidian Ashtray for one cigar is a true work of art, combining the magnificence of nature with artisanal expertise. Obsidian, from the depths of Mount Ararat, brings raw elegance and unparalleled robustness to this ashtray. Formed millions of years ago, this volcanic stone is renowned for its aesthetic properties and spiritual qualities, symbolizing transformation and protection.

Each ashtray is carefully cut and polished by hand, ensuring that each piece is unique. Artisans highlight the natural characteristics of obsidian, creating ashtrays that are not only functional, but also objects of contemplation. Choosing between deep black and earthy brown variants helps accommodate different styles and preferences, while showcasing the natural beauty of therock .

An exceptional obsidian ashtray

The Obsidian Ashtray is much more than just a smoking accessory. It is a tribute to the power of nature and human skill, with each piece being a perfect combination of precious materials and artisanal know-how. Designed to accommodate a single cigar, this ashtray guarantees a refined tasting experience, enhancing every moment of relaxation, like all ashtrays from the Elie-bleu collection.

Elegance and History

Own a obsidian ashtray from Mount Ararat, is to hold a piece of natural history, transformed into an object of rare elegance. This ashtray not only symbolizes the luxury and refinement, but also a deep connection with the elemental forces of the earth. Whether for personal use or as an exquisite gift, the "Obsidian Ashtray" is a piece that will make an impression and enrich the experience of any lover of cigars.