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"Obsidian ashtray" - 2 cigars

2 Colors

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Ashtray for 2 cigars in Obsidian from Mount Ararat. This exceptional stone was born in the fire of the volcano 4 million years ago.

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"Obsidian ashtray" - 2 cigars Sale price696,00 €

Obsidian Ashtray for Cigars

The Obsidian ashtray for cigars is an exceptional piece carved from obsidian from Mount Ararat. This rock extraordinary, born in the depths volcanic 4 million years ago, offers a unique combination of elegance and history, making this ashtray a perfect addition to any lover's collection cigars.

Ashtray Features

Obsidian from Mount Ararat: Coming from the volcanic slopes of Mount Ararat, this obsidian was formed 4 million years ago thanks to the natural vitrification of lava flows rich in silica.

Unique characteristics: Each ashtray highlights the distinctive patterns and inclusions of obsidian, including streaking, oxidation and perlite points, making each piece unique.

Artisanal Excellence: Meticulously hand cut and polished by skilled artisans, ensuring a refined and unique finish.

Double Capacity: Designed to accommodate two cigars, this ashtray combines functionality and the natural beauty of stone.

The Essence of Obsidian

The obsidian of Mount Ararat was formed 4 million years ago thanks to the natural vitrification of flows of lava rich in silica. This dark and transparent stone is highly prized for its designs formed by sediments, giving each piece a unique personality. Unlike synthetic materials, obsidian is an invitation to introspection and travel through time.

Historically, obsidian was valued by prehistoric men for the manufacture of bifaces, used by the Egyptians during Antiquity, and venerated by pre-Columbian populations as a divinatory stone. Its use continued through Art Nouveau, and today, it is highly appreciated in lithotherapy for its protective qualities. The brands of luxury are now looking for this remarkable material for its elegance and uniqueness.

Obsidian ashtray for cigars

The Obsidian ashtray for 2 cigars is not just a accessory functional, but a true natural and historical work of art. Each ashtray is carved from obsidian coming from Mount Ararat, a rock known for its depth and captivating natural patterns. The dark, transparent quality of obsidian, enriched with streaks, oxidation marks and perlite inclusions, creates a visual narrative that makes each single ashtray.

Precision hand cut and polished, this ashtray is designed to accommodate two cigars, providing both practical use and aesthetic pleasure. The craftsmanship highlights the natural beauty of the stone, transforming a simple ashtray into a center piece that reflects the rich history and transformation of the obsidian over the millennia.

An Exceptional Piece

The Obsidian Ashtray is much more than a simple smoking accessory; it is a journey through time, a testament to the geological wonders of the Earth, and a tribute to human skill. Each piece is a natural mirror, inviting contemplation and offering a connection with ancient traditions and modern luxury, like many ashtrays from the collection.

Elegance and Heritage

Own the Obsidian ashtray for 2 cigars, is to embrace a piece of natural history, artistically transformed into a refined luxury object. This ashtray symbolizes protection and introspection, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life and seek a deep connection with the materials they use. Whether for personal use or as an exquisite gift, this cigar ashtray adds a touch of sophistication and historical depth to any space.