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“Pirate” – “One to One” Ashtray

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"One to One" ashtray from the Pirate collection for 2 cigars resting on 6 pads, i.e. 6 very small contacts. This ashtray allows good combustion of the cigar without it heating up thanks to the circulation of air around it and limited contact.

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"Pirate" - Cendrier "Tête à Tête" - Elie Bleu
“Pirate” – “One to One” Ashtray Sale price1.532,00 €

Pirate ashtray “Tête à Tête”

Evoking daring and the spirit of adventure, the ashtray“Head to Head” from the collection Pirate embodies the perfect marriage between tradition and innovation. This handcrafted masterpiece is designed to provide an unparalleled experience for lovers of cigars, combining aesthetics and functionality.

Product Features :

  • “Pirate” collection: Inspired by the legendary buccaneers, this collection evokes escape and refinement.
  • Marquetry: Made with rare wood species, each pattern is carefully assembled to create a unique work.

Gold finish: The gold finish provides lasting shine and exceptional resistance to oxidation.

Description of the pirate ashtray

The pirate ashtray“Tête à Tête” from the Pirate collection is an eloquent example of Elie Bleu’s mastery of design and manufacturing. Made for two cigars, this ashtray rests on six pads, thus guaranteeing minimal contact and excellent air circulation. This design allows for optimal combustion without overheating, preserving the subtle aromas and nuances of each cigar.

Each ashtray is decorated with refined marquetry, using rare and precious wood species. The gold finish adds unrivaled shine and durability, ensuring the ashtray maintains its shine and beauty over time. This unique object is not just an accessory, but a true work of art, representing Elie Bleu's commitment to excellence and artisanal know-how for its ashtray collection for cigar.