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"Smoking Lady" - Elva - Porcelain Ashtray - by Rehahn

Limited series, numbered out of 105. Number 40 available.

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Elie Bleu porcelain ashtrays are made in one of the oldest and most famous factories in Limoges. The manufacturing quality of the porcelain combined with the very colorful design of the collections make the line of ashtrays one of the brand's "best sellers".

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"Smoking Lady" - Elva - Porcelain Ashtray - by Rehahn Sale price836,00 €

Porcelain Ashtray - By Réhahn

Limited and numbered series of 105 copies. Number 40 is available.

The Elie Bleu porcelain ashtrays are produced in one of the oldest and most prestigious factories in Limoges. Réhahn, renowned artist, is honored to join in the tradition of Elie Bleu's artistic collaborations with this special “Elva” edition. This collection includes cigar humidors, of the ashtrays, of the cigar cutter and lighters, all designed for connoisseurs of luxury and fine craftsmanship, was officially launched at La Casa del Habano in Ho Chi Minh City during an exclusive event on November 11, 2023.

Product Features :

  • Material: Limoges porcelain, renowned for its finesse and durability.
  • Decor: "Smoking Lady" theme, applied by chromolithography, featuring the captivating portrait of an old lady smoking a cigar, in vibrant red tones.
  • Ornaments: Gold trims and a pair of gold bridge, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  • Base: Covered in Alcantara, ensuring a luxurious finish and perfect stability.
  • Origin: Made in France, guaranteeing exceptional craftsmanship.

A Limited Edition Work of Art

At the heart of this collection is the humidor, featuring the iconic portrait of Elva, from Réhahn's Cigar Smokers series. Captured in Havana in 2013, this photograph depicts a strong-minded woman around 70 years old, adorned with a crown of red flowers and holding a Cohiba Esplendido. This image has become one of the most iconic representations of cigar culture in Cuba over the past decade.

Decor and Aesthetics

THE“Smoking Lady” ashtray stands out for its bold and expressive design. The dominant red tones evoke passion and intensity, while the portrait of the lady smoking a cigar adds a narrative and nostalgic dimension. The gold borders and the pair of gold bridge complete this piece with a touch of timeless elegance.

Use and Maintenance

Ideal for cigar lovers, This ashtray combines functionality and aesthetics. To keep it in perfect condition, it is recommended to clean it with a soft cloth and lukewarm water, avoiding abrasive products to preserve the beauty of the designs and golden finishes.


The porcelain ashtray “Smoking Lady” by Elie Bleu, in collaboration with Réhahn, is much more than just a accessory, like the rest of the ashtray collection: it is a work of art that embodies the luxury, tradition and innovation. Add this exclusive piece to your collection and let yourself be seduced by the perfect combination of art and exceptional craftsmanship.