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"Pirate" - Porcelain Ashtray

Pirate Collection

Sale price470,00 €

Elie Bleu porcelain ashtrays are made in one of the oldest and most famous factories in Limoges. The manufacturing quality of the porcelain combined with the very colorful design of the collections make the ashtray line one of the brand's "best sellers".

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"Pirate" - Porcelain Ashtray Sale price470,00 €

Pirate Porcelain Ashtray

The pirate porcelain ashtrays Elie Bleu embody exceptional know-how, merging tradition and innovation. Made in one of the oldest and most prestigious factories in Limoges, they reflect the luxury and the unrivaled quality of the Elie Bleu brand.

Features :

  • Material: Limoges porcelain, renowned for its finesse and durability.
  • Decor: Pirate theme, applied by chromolithography, allowing for detailed and vibrant patterns.
  • Base: Covered in Alcantara, offering a luxurious finish and perfect stability.
  • Origin: Made in France, guaranteeing exceptional craftsmanship.

Inspired by the Pirate Universe

The Greek word “Pirate” means “Try your luck”. This spirit of adventure, challenge and quest for freedom is brilliantly captured in the design of this cigar ashtray. The decor features iconic symbols of piracy, such as the two crossed sabers and the skull, inspired by the famous pirate Jack Rackham, also known as Calico Jack. These elements evoke not only danger and rebellion, but also the charisma and intrigue of legendary figures of the seas.

The universe of piracyis rich in history and symbolism. Pirates were often seen as daring adventurers who dared to defy the laws and the oceans to seek freedom and fortune. The skull and crossed sabres, used by Jack Rackham and his crew, have become cultural icons representing courage, rebelliousness and daring.

This ashtray, through its design, pays homage to these values ​​and this heritage. It invites users to take a bold and adventurous approach in their own lives, while adding a touch of mystery and sophistication to their interiors.

Use and maintenance

This ashtray is ideal for cigar lovers, combining functionality and aesthetics. To keep it in perfect condition, cleaning with a soft cloth and lukewarm water is recommended, avoiding abrasive products to preserve the integrity of the designs.


The porcelain ashtray “Pirate” by Elie Bleu is a perfect fusion between tradition and modernity, symbolizing both the luxury and audacity. Add this unique piece to your collection and let yourself be seduced by the exceptional craftsmanship and unrivaled design of Elie Bleu, as with all of our ashtray collection.