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Leather case for double blade cigar cutter

2 Colors

Sale price55,00 €


Protect your cigar cutter from objects in your pocket.

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Living heritage company

Etui en cuir pour coupe-cigare double lame - Elie Bleu
Leather case for double blade cigar cutter Sale price55,00 €

Luxury Cigar Cutter Cases by Elie Bleu

Discover the sophistication of luxury cigar cutter cases by Elie Bleu, where elegance meets protection and functionality.

Distinctive Features :

Elie Bleu's luxury cigar cutter cases are crafted from high-quality black and blue leather. These noble materials offer superior protection while adding a touch of refinement and modernity. The leather, chosen for its durability and timeless allure, ensures each case is both robust and elegant. Designed to accommodate various types of cigar cutters, these cases protect them from scratches and damage, ensuring they are always ready for use.

Elegant Design and Unmatched Precision

Elie Bleu excels in creating products that embody refined design and meticulous attention to detail. The luxury cigar cutter cases stand out for their practicality and remarkable aesthetics, showcasing the distinctive quality and style of the brand. Every aspect, from the choice of leather to the impeccable finishes, is crafted to provide an exceptional user experience. These cases are the essential accessory for any cigar enthusiast looking to combine luxury and functionality.