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“Casa Cubana” - Small table lighter

Casa Cubana Collection

Sale price902,00 €

Small CASA CUBANA table lighter, easy to hold and light, the torch flames allow ideal lighting of cigars.

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“Casa Cubana” - Small table lighter
“Casa Cubana” - Small table lighter Sale price902,00 €

Table Lighter

Elie Bleu offers table lighters to complete most of its cigar box collections, made from the same precious woods. These accessories are made with the most sophisticated materials in order to provide you with the best products. All our models are equipped with a powerful triple torch flame which allows ideal lighting of the cigar. Whether large or small, our lighters are easy to hold and use, thanks to their elegant, vintage style. In addition, all our items have a stainless steel base, for the stability of the lighter on the table but also to protect the product against external attacks. Easy to maintain, the table lighter is an essential product for any self-respecting enthusiast. It is one of the best accessories to maximize the tasting experience.

Plain, colored or even marquetry, we offer you a selection of the best table lighters, as modern and original as they are refined, to give character to your passion. Match your table lighter to your cigar box and enjoy a true work of art to your satisfaction.

Casa Cubana

A piece of Havana to store cigars...
A jewel of Spanish colonial architecture, Havana took off architecturally in the 17th century with aristocratic families settling in the Caribbean and then at the end of the 19th century with the Cuban families who founded the first cigar factories.
Its architecture has remained preserved from the ravages of modernism and the buildings, with their colors faded by time, are all testimonies to the splendor of the Spanish imprint.