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"Dragon" - Porcelain Ashtray

Sale price470,00 €

Elie Bleu porcelain ashtrays are made in one of the oldest and most famous factories in Limoges. The manufacturing quality of the porcelain combined with the very colorful design of the collections, make the ashtray line one of the "best sellers"; of the brand.

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"Dragon" - Porcelain Ashtray Sale price470,00 €

Dragon Cigar Ashtray in Porcelain

The ashtray for Dragon porcelain cigar by Elie Bleu is a masterpiece of elegance and mythical allure. Made from the finest Limoges porcelain, this ashtray bright red is decorated with a dragon pattern striking, combining the ancient symbol of power and wisdom with modern art.

Features :

Material:Limoges porcelainexquisite, renowned for its exceptional quality and manufactured in one of the most prestigious and historic factories in Limoges.

Design: The dragon decor, applied by chromolithography, ensures vibrant, long-lasting imagery that captures the mystery and the greatness of the dragon.

Base: The base is sheathed with Alcantara, a premium material offering a luxurious feel while protecting surfaces.

Color: Available in red dazzling with the design of dragon in minute detail.

Manufacturing: Proudly designed and manufactured in France, exemplifying excellence French artisanal.

Art and Crafts

The Dragon cigar ashtray demonstrates Elie Bleu's commitment to innovation and artistic expression. The intricate design of the dragon, symbol of strength and fortune, is highlighted using advanced chromolithography, creating a striking visual impact against a vibrant red background.

Heritage and Innovation for this ashtray

Elie Bleu's devotion to combining tradition and modern techniques is evident in the Dragon ashtray and in all ashtrays from the collection. The use of high quality Limoges porcelain and sophisticated application of chromolithography results in a piece that is both timeless and contemporary, reflecting the brand's heritage and avant-garde approach.

Elegance and Symbolism

Ideal for cigar lovers and collectors, the cigar ashtray Dragon serves as both a functional piece and a symbol of elegance and sophistication. Its legendary design brings an element of ancient wisdom and power to any environment, making it a distinctive addition to any collection.The cigar ashtray porcelain Dragon by Elie Bleu transcends its practical function, becoming a symbol of luxury and refined taste. Its unique design and impeccable craftsmanship ensure that it will be a center piece in any collection, celebrating both the art of smoking a cigar and the timeless appeal of mythic symbolism.