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"Che" - Selfish Ashtray

“Che” Collection

Sale price815,00 €

Ashtray for a single cigar resting on 6 pads, i.e. 6 very small contacts. This ashtray allows good combustion of the cigar without it heating up thanks to the circulation of air around it and limited contact.

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"Che" - Selfish Ashtray Sale price815,00 €

Cuban cigar ashtray

The Selfish Ashtray “Che”is a sophisticated and elegant creation, part of the exclusive "Che" collection. Designed to accommodate a single cigar, this ashtray stands out for its ingenious design and materials luxurious.

Features :

  • Unique Design: Specially designed for a single cigar, this ashtray rests on six pads, minimizing contact points. This arrangement allows optimal air circulation, ensuring regular combustion and preventing the cigar from overheating.
  • Luxurious Finish: The studs and the bowl are available in gold or silver finish. This dual option offers refined customization, adapting to different styles and preferences.
  • Aesthetics and Functionality: The design of this cuban cigar ashtray is both aesthetic and functional, combining visual elegance with practical use. Gold or silver brass finishes add a touch of luxury and sophistication, elevating each user's experience.

Optimal smoking experience

The Cuban ashtray for egoist cigar "Che"is designed to provide an exceptional smoking experience. The six pads ensure that the cigar rests with minimal contact, allowing for perfect aeration and even combustion. This precise design ensures that the aromas of the cigar unfold fully, offering a rich and pleasant tasting.

Inspired Aesthetics

Inspired by the iconic figure of Che Guevara, this ashtray embodies revolutionary spirit and timeless elegance. The brass finish, whether gold or silver, brings a touch of prestige, transforming each smoking session into a moment of refinement and pleasure.


THE Selfish Ashtray “Che”is much more than a simple cigar accessory. By integrating this Cuban cigar ashtray into your ashtray collection, you are opting for an object of rare elegance and functionality, which enhances every moment of tasting your cigar. This tribute to Che Guevara, with its refined design and luxurious materials, is intended for cigar lovers the most demanding, seeking to combine aesthetics and performance in a single object.