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"Casa Cubana" - Porcelain Ashtray - "The Capitol"

Limited and numbered edition of 88 copies

Sale price1.320,00 €

Elie Bleu porcelain ashtrays are made in one of the oldest and most famous factories in Limoges. The manufacturing quality of the porcelain combined with the very colorful design of the collections make the ashtray line one of the brand's "best sellers".

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Made in France

"Casa Cubana" - Porcelain Ashtray - "The Capitol" Sale price1.320,00 €

Cigar ashtray in Limoges Porcelain "Casa Cubana" - Le Capitole

Discover the pinnacle of refinement with the Limoges Porcelain Ashtray "Casa Cubana" - Le Capitole, an exceptional piece dedicated to true aesthetes and connoisseurs of the art of cigars. This hand painted cigar ashtray is the perfect embodiment of elegance and French artisanal know-how.


  • Material :Limoges porcelain, renowned for its dazzling whiteness and delicate texture, is used to make this ashtray. Each piece is a tribute to the French porcelain tradition, offering incomparable resistance and beauty.
  • Decor :The “Casa Cubana” motif is meticulously hand painted by highly talented artists. This lush decoration evokes the exoticism and captivating atmosphere of Caribbean lands, transforming each ashtray into a true work of art.
  • Base :The base of the ashtray is carefully covered in Alcantara, a noble and refined material. This finish not only beautifies the object but also guarantees optimal stability, thus protecting the surfaces on which it is placed.
  • Origin :Made and decorated in France, this ashtray embodies the prestige of French know-how. Each stage of its creation is marked by an uncompromising quest for perfection, respecting centuries-old artisanal traditions while integrating contemporary techniques.

Art and Craft for this ashtray

The Limoges Porcelain Ashtray "Casa Cubana" - Le Capitole is the result of a perfect alchemy between tradition and innovation. The artisans who create it master precise and delicate gestures, acquired over the years in the most renowned French workshops. Limoges porcelain is chosen for its purity and durability, while hand paintings make each piece unique and precious.

Finish and Details

The Alcantara which covers the base of the ashtray is not only an aesthetic choice but also a practical one. This sumptuous material is known for its soft touch and high resistance to wear. It ensures perfect adhesion and protects furniture from potential scratches. The marriage of Alcantara and porcelain enhances this object of art, making it as pleasant to look at as to use.

An ashtray made in France

A symbol of French artisanal excellence, this ashtray is entirely designed and decorated in France. Each example bears witness to the rich cultural heritage and expertise of the master porcelain makers of Limoges. The commitment to quality and attention to the smallest details make this ashtray an object of rare distinction, like all those of the ashtray collection luxury.


The Limoges Porcelain Ashtray "Casa Cubana" - Le Capitole transcends its primary function to become a central element of your ritual of cigar. By choosing this hand-painted cigar ashtray, you are adopting a piece imbued with beauty and sophistication, a true homage to the French art of living. This collector's item will refine every moment of tasting your cigar, adding a touch of luxury discreet and timeless to your space.