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"Dragon" limited series - 110 Cigars

Limited and numbered edition

Sale price4.606,00 €

The Zodiac line of boxes was designed in 2012 to celebrate the year of the Dragon. In Chinese astrological culture, the dragon represents perseverance, success and even immortality.

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Made in France

"Dragon" - 110 Cigares - Elie Bleu
"Dragon" limited series - 110 Cigars Sale price4.606,00 €

Zodiac signs

In China, each year corresponds to an animal, which represents one of the 12 Chinese astrological signs (dog, rooster, rat, pig, etc.).

In local folklore, legend has it that only 12 animals responded to the Jade Emperor's invitation for the New Year. Each of them was assigned a year. One sign therefore perpetually returns in rotation with the 11 others, i.e. every 12 years.

Elie Bleu takes hold of it for the first time and shapes it from wood to place himself in this new year under his celestial protection, as for all those who choose him.


ELIE BLEU has strived for decades to put all its creativity at the service of its productions, whose tradition is faithfully guaranteed. ELIE BLEU has always been able to maintain the quality of its production at an exceptional level, the result of true know-how. In particular acquired by selecting among the most beautiful precious woods and the rarest exotic species that only a few still work. Marquetry which is worked by hand, as jewelers do, which requires countless manipulations before becoming a true luxury object.