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"Sycamore and Carbon" - 50 watch winder

Rotating box of 50 watches

Sale price186.560,00 €

This cabinet is particularly exceptional due to its extraordinary capacity of 50 watches. Each office receives special attention and requires more than 1000 hours of work. This cabinet can be seen at the Elie Bleu boutique at 48 rue du Bac.

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"Sycomore et Carbone" - Remontoir 50 montres - Elie Bleu
"Sycamore and Carbon" - 50 watch winder Sale price186.560,00 €


ELIE BLUEand watch boxes, it’s already a long story.

The range of winder boxes is equipped with motors to keep automatic watches in operation.

Innovative and technical, the line offers cabinets for 2,3,6,9 and 16 watches.


To keep an automatic watch in operation, the rotating cabinets must be rotated to generate the energy consumed by the watch, clockwise and counterclockwise. The cabinets have standard programming which is suitable for a large majority of watches. The motors as well as the electronic components are of high quality.
The watches are highlighted thanks to a real optical lens which slightly magnifies the crown and focuses the light.